Humedales Artificiales en L'Albufera de Valencia

Reservas Naturales al Servicio de la Biodiversidad y la Calidad de las Aguas


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As a consequence of the habitats degradation aquatic macrophyte meadows were lost, exotic fish have replaced a great part of autochthonous fish and the most tolerant birds occupy ecologic niches that should harbour a much larger number of species.

Loss of Biodiversity

Many birds depend on their yearly trips, in search of more benign climates, for their survival. Wetlands are essential stopping points along these migratory routes. Out of all the coastal wetlands that used to san the whole coastline of the Spanish Mediterranean less than a century ago, today only a few remain and they are highly vulnerable. The reduction and degradation of these “service stations” along the fly-ways make things very difficult for migratory birds and seriously compromise their conservation.

Loss of Biodiversity

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