Humedales Artificiales en L'Albufera de Valencia

Reservas Naturales al Servicio de la Biodiversidad y la Calidad de las Aguas


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Wetlands are complex ecosystems of a great importance for nature conservation. L’Albufera is not an exception. This space is home to different environments where the predominance of water makes it a focal point for biodiversity. More than 350 bird species find here the ideal habitat to feed, rest during their migratory trips and breed.

L’Albufera of Valencia also provides services to humans, who obtain benefits related to agriculture, landscape, tourism, fishing, flood protection or “green lung”.


Nevertheless, wetlands (and especially L’Albufera) are very fragile and suffer great pressures caused by human population growth. The existing biodiversity in these spaces is endangered by the negative impacts they are experiencing.

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