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The Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO) was founded in 1954 in order to preserve wild birds and their habitats. SEO is one of the oldest organisations for nature conservation; it has been continuously active for almost 60 years. It has been declared an organisation of public interest and has received, amongst many other awards, the National Environment Award (1994) and the BBVA Award for Biodiversity Conservation.

SEO’s objectives are:

  • To conserve of wild birds and their habitats in the Spanish territory and through BirdLife International, contribute to the conservation of global biodiversity.
  • To develop scientific studies to improve knowledge on wild birds and their habitats, particularly as an indispensable tool for conservation.
  • To promote citizens’ knowledge, appreciation and respect for birds and nature in general.
  • Practicing environmental education and train teachers in the subjects of the above purposes
  • Working in international cooperation for development, as essential to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in developing countries motor.

SEO has successfully developed several LIFE projects (see form A7 for more details) for the conservation of species and priority areas in Spain and other countries, such as Morocco.

SEO/BirdLife is a member of the international network BirdLife International, an alliance of 117 national organisations for conservation and world leader in bird conservation, active in over 100 countries (including all European countries).


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